Monday, November 15, 2010

Nikon Charity Photo Hunt 2010

This charity photo hunt was organised by Nikon Malaysia via Nikon Centre Kuala Lumpur (Futuromic Photo AV Sdn Bhd) ...for the Malaysian Association for the Blind. The program was sponsored/supported/partnered by several other parties.

Participants registered with a donation of minimum RM50 ...which collection was fully delivered to the association. Nikon had provided T-shirts, caps & mineral water for the participants ...15 questions to be answered in the form of photo submissions... the hunt was flagged of from Berjaya Times Square.

It was my first experience and was fun though tiring ...I did captured the answers for the questions plus many other shots for personal collections...

 Police traffic officers briefed on their task for the day...there were other events organised within the area on that particular day...
 The date 10.10.10 was celebrated by many... of the questions

 ....hmmm, illegal advert that spoiled the environment
 ...hunters adjusting their gears for perfect captures
...boutiques of Pavilion KL

 ....the Bloom of Fulfillment ...crystal fountain of Pavilion KL

 ...a place that could increase your temparature with its offerings

 ...middle-east cuisines on sale

 ...the KL Monorail has definitely played a very important role in transporting commuters around KL to avoid traffic jams
 ... "Arab Street" of KL

 ...a wonderful way to spend the afternoon interesting capture in Jalan Alor
 ...don't even think of speeding when the sheriff is around
 ...RM 5 or RM 50?
 .... the 115 years old landmark under re-construction

 ...a group of arts students displaying their work in front of Pudu Jail ...interesting

 ....Cosmo World in Berjaya Times Square ...if you're coming to KL, never miss to enjoy this indoor entertainment park...

 .... Nikon Centre Kuala Lumpur