Thursday, November 27, 2008

Hobby amateur myself, doing it for the love of doing it...sometimes my wife got angry...maybe I spent more time holding my camera than her (hahaha...sorry honey).

...taking photos. What's the feeling?...comparing to those people who are fanatic about fishing...the feeling is similar. The "umphh" of photography is while I'm out there shooting the photos...though the result is also important...after 4 years, got myself some collection of photos (..guess about 100GB in total).

...eventually, to upgrade my hobby, I got myself a DSLR after 4 years dreaming of having one...and it cease the pain of previous failures to take good and clear night shots...and definitley my first target object was the petronas twin towers!

Right pic....surrounding skylines...Darby Park, LUTH and PNB

..the twin towers and the KL Tower on the left,
another attractive landmark in KL

Thanks to Shaik Dawood, I've created a blog for myself...only yesterday he was asking me to evaluate his new blog...and why not? I can have one as well...I'm here!!