Saturday, July 23, 2011

...wishes come through!

My two eldest sons are now back home ..they had seen my post some few months back ...and had said out their wish have an outing to the same venue.. Aroma Ikan Bakar (ikan bakar = grilled fish) in Pantai Jeram.. for good seafood..

We went there was a shot trip ...about 5 hours (including 2.5 hours driving from KL) ...deep in my heart, I had my own wish as well ..whispered my prayer ..hopefully this time around it would give a nice sunset ...since our last visit was cloudy.
Arriving at Sg. Sembilang ...a few km from Pantai Jeram about 5.45 pm ...the weather was great ...sunshine! ..quite clear and not so heavy clouded ...hhhmmmm, gleefully smiling ...this could be my chance for some sunset shots there. We arrived at Aroma at about 6.00 pm ..waiting patiently, was my Aunt and her family ....sitting at the reserved tables for us.. and meal starts immediately ...its has always been great to have the orders delivered upon arrival ...thanks to my Aunt!

The first wish was granted! ...and being enjoyed by the wishers ...and definitely to the so-called non-wishers as well ...a great dine of sea-food ...squids, prawns, crabs, fishes and other local cuisines the beach...but my main concern was for a beautiful sunset, not so much of eating .. eldest and youngest

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