Thursday, November 25, 2010

At Home ~ ...the most unique bug so far!

I was trimming some tree branches from the lawn.. and for the first time ever.. had spotted this bug (a first for me, but maybe you've seen it before) was really tiny ...not mistaken about 3 - 4 mm in length ..and can fly ..perhaps the most unique feature of it its Ultraman-like horn.

I am still searching some info on this bug ...but off no luck ...failed.

Appreciate if anyone knows and able to tell what it is ...

 ...Ultraman-like horns


Shaik Dawood said...

could it be the horned treehopper ( )

deeja said...

salam kenal@cantik2 tengok

Raziff Lokman... said...

TQ Shaik..I'll check the website.

Salam deeja, terima kasih tag kt blog saya ni.

Raziff Lokman... said...'re right Shaik.. came across one blog from downunder on this bug..

J Bar said...

That's fascinating.
Sydney - City and Suburbs

Mona Liza said...

en unique...takut ada sengat.....hehehe