Monday, July 19, 2010

Alor Gajah ~ a short visit

The name Alor Gajah was said to be created from an observation on the behaviour of a group of wild elephants which was leaded by a white elephant. The elephants (Gajah) were said to be moving from one place to another via a track (Alor) along the river which flows within this town. And...named Alor Gajah (Elephant Track).

Alor Gajah initially was a settlement for the the Minangkabau people in the 12th century. They had migrated from the neighbouring Tampin (Negeri Sembilan) during the Malacca Malay Sultanate era which led to a setup of a local Malay government in Alor Gajah town.

Alor Gajah could be reached via the North-South Highway at the Simpang Ampat exit...the toll plaza is about 5 km from Alor Gajah town. From KL, its about a 1-hour drive ...could also be reached via railway service. The Pulau Sebang Railway Station is about 8 km from Alor Gajah.

We had again visited Alor Gajah on 3Jul2010 ...there were many intersting places/spots to visit within the district but due to our limited hours, we instead went to the usual Saturday attraction ..the night market in town centre, behind the Dataran Keris.

The sky was a bit dull but this visit (after 3 years) was quite fun....

...we had to park quite a distance (250m) due to
full parking within the town centre

..rows of old shop houses

...close on weekend

...the durian season is on

...full range of flavours to choose from.. RM1 / cup

...traditional Malay delicacy "Peniram"

...sardine puffs

...first time I saw how "Binjai" looks is also
the name of a place in Kota Bharu, Kelantan

...Avocado species for your aquarium?..the price is
quite competitive compared to KL

...the Keris

..under construction

...Dataran Keris


rosnanie said...

tempat yang tak cantik pn boleh nampak cantik dgn kepakaran photographer

Raziff Lokman said...

Salam Ros, lama tk dgr khabar...sihat? Ni lah pengubat hati bila saya boring..kamera dan kerja2 mengedit..tapi rasa2nya belum pakar lagi..

Mazidul Akmal Sidik said...

Terkejut juga pada awalnya melihat penampilan gambar dimuatkan.

Banker and photographer, keduanya lebih kurang sama, mementingkan details.

Raziff Lokman said...

Bila buat sesuatu, tak memadai dibuat saja2 atau suka2.. keinginan untuk membuat yang terbaik adalah perlu untuk kepuasan maksima ..macam Mazidul Akmal Sidek dengan beritanya ..pastinya yang terbaik!

Salam & TQ

azharos said...

Nice photos, your HDR is just nice & not so extreme, brings out the colors and nice saturation.

Keep up the work!

Raziff Lokman said...

Thank you Bro!